Sinfar use all default chat channel plus many new ones.

Here's the list of them with:
- Who can see and use them
- What can be said in those channels
- Whether they should be considered IC or OOC

- Only DMs can use it. Everyone can see it, except people with the immersive mode ON.
- Things that DMs want to say publicly, it is a privilege that they have.
- IC and OOC.

- Everyone can use it, Only DMs can see it.
- Send a message in this channel if you need a DM. If a DM is available they will send you a tell.

- Everyone can use it, Everyone can see it except people busy or with the immersive mode ON.
- This is the player version of the Shout channel. It is to announce important events or faction recruitments. If you didn't plan that event for more than 3 days, it is probably not worth to be posted in this channel. Do not reply in this channel, send them a tell instead.
- IC or OOC

- Everyone can use it, Everyone looking "for an adventure" can see it.
- This is an alternative to the Event channel, It is the place to say "Level 30 looking for a party" or "Shard run in preparation, send me a tell if you want to join it" or "I am dead, can someone come resurrect me? I am in the crypt - level 1". Do not ever use the Event channel to say something like that, use the /action channel instead.

- Everyone can use it, Everyone "looking for an OOC conversation" can see it.
- This is a place where you can ask a question concerning Sinfar. Replies can be posted in this channel too, but do not get side tracked.

- Everyone can use it, Everyone in an arena or looking for both PvP and an OOC conversation.
- A place where you can talk between power gamers, please keep your PoWeRzOr trick in this channel.

- Everyone can use it, Everyone looking for an intimate role-play and an OOC conversation can see it.
- Try to use this channel only for serious ERP ideas that you have and would like to RP on Sinfar. I wish that this channel could be used as an alternative to the Action channel (so to propose an intimate role-play event)... it got trolled too much with obscene stuff so now people also need to be looking for an OOC conversation to see it.

- Everyone can use it, builders or players that like to use the Aurora Toolset - and that are looking for an OOC conversation, can see it.
- A good place to ask for a house builder or to discuss how to do something in Toolset.

- Everyone can use it, only people that set that they want to see the FFA channel will see it.
- It is the place where you can talk about whatever you want. Still, do not spam it or troll it voluntarily.

- People that are in a listen line of sight (not behind a door for example) and within ~40 meters.
- Use it to make your character talk ICly.
- IC (unless you start your message by //)

- People that are in a line of sight and within ~3 meters.
- Use it to make your character whisper ICly.
- IC (unless you start your message by //)

Quiet (/q)
- People that are in a line of sight and within ~1 meter.
- Use it to reach only people that are right next, like on the same bench and even then, some some bench are too wide.
- IC (unless you start your message by //)

- The person that is hugging you (within 0.5 meter).
- Use it to make your character talk to himself or whisper to the person that is hugging them.
- IC (unless you start your message by //)

Yell (/y)
- People that are in the same area.
- Use it to make your character yell ICly
- IC (unless you start your message by //)

- Everyone in your party
- Anything related to your party

You can set what you are looking for in your player list account settings menu (Class Radial Menu -> Player Tool 1 -> [Settings] -> [Player List Status] and [Account settings]).

Additionally to the conditions above, the following can affect whether you will see a chat channel or not:
1) When your immersive mode is ON, you will only see the tells from people that are in the same area.
2) When you are set as "busy", you will only see the Shout and Tell messages.
3) When you are are set to see the FFA channel, you will also see all other public channels.
4) When you are in an OOC area, you are automatically considered as "looking for an OOC conversation".

You can use the !WHOSPY command to know if people near you are in your /whisper or /quiet or /silent range.


- Pornography - While Sinfar is an adult server, the public chat channels and web client are not to be used to share links for pornography or other NSFW material. Any links that contain content that could violate Sinfar server rules will require us to punish the players accordingly. (NOTE: We realize there's a lot of NSFW portraits, so if you find yourself finding opinions on such if would be best to mention you want opinions and to send you tells for those interested in seeing it)

- GROUP/KINK BASHING - Publically bashing/mocking/taunting groups of characters (Furries, Transgenders, Catlings, etc) or various fetishes (I really don't want to list any) is not to be tolerated. You'll get a warning for doing so. There's a difference between saying "I don't really like this type of RP/ERP" and "People who do this are disgusting inhuman monsters."

- DISCRIMINATION - Like the rule above, please refrain from using any offensive slang against any particular RL group of people based on their race, ethnicity, gender, religion, etc.

- SPAM - The chat channels exist to increase communication among players, not for one or two players to post trollish/silly messages in rapid fire sequence, nor is it okay to provide a detailed walkthrough of a game you're playing or movie you're watching. If things get a bit excessive you'll be reminded to ease up. (NOTE: For the EVENT CHANNEL - One post per hour regarding a single event and one post per six hours for recruitments.)

- ROLE PLAYING - Besides the channels that can be used for IC postings (Event, Action, Sex, etc) you should not be RPing out scenes or various situations with other players. Find them IG and have fun!

- HARASSMENT - Should be rather obvious. Calling someone out by their player name or character name in a negative light. This isn't a place to gossip.