Creature Animation Flags Generator

  • Civilized creatures interact with placeables in their area that have the tag "NW_INTERACTIVE" and "talk" to each other.
    Humanoid races are civilized by default, so only set this flag for monster races that you want to behave the same way.

  • If this flag is set, this creature will constantly be acting. Otherwise, creatures will only start performing their ambient animations when they first perceive a player, and they will stop when the player moves away.

  • Civilized creatures with this flag set will randomly use a few voicechats. It's a good idea to avoid putting this on multiple creatures using the same voiceset.

  • Creatures with _immobile_ ambient animations can have this flag set to make them mobile in a close range. They will never leave their immediate area, but will move around in it, frequently returning to their starting point.
    Note that creatures spawned inside interior areas that contain a waypoint with one of the tags "NW_HOME", "NW_TAVERN", "NW_SHOP" will automatically have this condition set.

  • If set, the NPC will close doors.

Variable Value (NW_ANIM_CONDITION):