Creature Spawn Flags Generator

    Conversation Flags

  • This causes the creature to say a one-line greeting in their conversation file upon perceiving the player. Put [NW_D2_GenCheck] in the "Text Seen When" field of the greeting in the conversation file. Don't attach any player responses.

  • Same as above, but for hostile creatures to make them say a line before attacking.

  • Combat Flags

  • This NPC will attack when its allies call for help.

  • The creature will cast all the buff spells (summons, stat and armor improvements etc) instantaneously in preperation for combat. Note: If TalentAdvancedBuff(40.0) returns TRUE, this flag is automatically disabled.

  • Mode Flags

  • If the NPC has the Hide skill they will go into stealth mode while doing WalkWayPoints().

  • Same, but for Search mode.

  • Day/Night Flags

  • Separate the NPC's waypoints into day and night.

  • Determines if the NPC sleeps at night. Use in conjuction with NW_FLAG_DAY_NIGHT_POSTING to cause the NPC to sleep at night (40% chance) or walk a set of waypoints during the day.

  • Animation Flags

  • If this is set, the NPC will appear using the "EffectAppear" animation instead of fading in.

  • This will cause an NPC to use common animations it possesses, and use social ones to any other nearby friendly NPCs.

  • Same as above, except NPC will wander randomly around the area.

  • Causes the NPC to play avian ambient animations.

  • Escape Flags - Only one of the following should be set

  • Flee to a way point and return a short time later.

  • Flee to a way point and do not return.

  • Teleport to safety and do not return.

  • Teleport to safety and return a short time later.

Variable Value (NW_GENERIC_MASTER):