Monremar of Ailtos

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I. At a Glance
Age: Several centuries, appears early 20s
Gender: Male
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Gray
Height: 6ft/182cm
Weight: 210lbs/95kgs
Race: Celestial
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

II. Appearance
Monremar wears a highly polished celestial plate mail armor, often over his priestly robes. A highly polished helmet which perfectly hides his face sits atop his head. Above that; a bright, sharp halo adorns his head. The angel's wings jut from his back in a perfect, full plume of feathers. This angel rarely ever walks, preferring instead to allow his wings and divine magic to carry him nearly a foot off the ground. As far as angels go, this one appears to be rather short. Six feet of height is above average for a human, but rather shorter for an angel.

III. Personality
Monremar is often reserved when first meeting people due to his desire to observe and learn more about them. This angel often tries to do what is right and just and always tries to help people when he can, but also has a more flawed side to him - and this angel is far from perfect. His outward appearance is the only thing perfect about him. His time in exile and around mortals before that has prevented him from being haughty as other celestials sometimes tend to be. Unlike his divine ilk, he often falls for the temptation and debauchery around him.

IV. Background
Monremar hails from the layer of Mertion, Mount Celestia; the mustering grounds of Paladins and other lawful good servants where he belonged to the Angelic Choir of Ailtos. Rarely choosing to spend time around other immortals, due to his divine duties, the angel instead traveled to Toril where he took on the disguises of normal humans. During his time on Toril; he sought out paladins, clerics, mission-bound archons, and other celestials - providing them assistance and guidance during their holy missions and pilgrimages.

V. Abilities
Many of these abilities rely on the consent of the players whose characters these abilities affect.

Sense Alignment
The angel is able to detect alignment in an area around him, easily knowing its point of origin. Additionally, the angel is able to detect the presence of other outsiders, undead, and constructs through their lack of soul.

Sense Desire or Motive
The angel, much like a fiend, is able to detect primal emotions and desire from the beings around him. Simple questions probing the desires of the being questioned often yield resulting answers from those beings with weaker wills.

Angels and other Celestial beings are functionally immortal. They don't have a need to consume food or drink, sleep, or breathe; though they can do all of these things if they so wish.

Clairvoyance & Celestial Sense
Solars are able to detect the anguish or suffering of nearby paladins, clerics, or other celestials as they subconsciously call out for assistance. This particular angel has an above average susceptibility to such calls and can reciprocate such calls with a calming reply as he comes to their aid.

Unlike lower level archons, angels and some other celestials have the ability of flight. This being is no exception and often can use their wings in that capacity.

Shifting Apparel
The angel's garments morph and shift with just a snap of his fingers, whether it be into platemail, robes, or nothing at all - all while still offering the same protection.

The angel can reach out and touch the minds of the faithful, mortals, and other celestials. Fiends are often unaffected by this power unless they are receptive to the angel's mental reach. The angel can receive telepathy from others capable of it normally.

Celestial Combat Prowess
Like other Solars whose magical greatswords could hover in the air and fight by will of the Solar's mind alone, his would fall only if he were destroyed.

VI. Lights

Females, Goblins, Hin, Fiends, Breeding, Teasing, Corruption, Romance, Adventure, Casual Conversation, Celestials, Drow, Orcs, Goblins, and other greenskins.

Waterworks, Males, Shemales, Herms, and anything else depending on the mood.

Standard server stuff to include pedos, scat, rule breaking, vore, gore; but few others.

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