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Player Home Uploader

Submit interior areas for your player home.
You can start building by using the following mod:
V27 Starter Mod and Hak
Extract the module to your NWN\modules folder.
Extract the hak to your NWN\hak folder.
It must contain at least the following things:
  • 1 2x2 area made of one of the allowed tilesets on your deed.
  • A door with the tag "MAIN_DOOR" that will be used to leave the house.
  • Choose a specific loading screen. The default the loading screen is set to random which can cause crashes.
For special features, like the scripts avaibles or how to add a visual effect refer to the script list at the bottom of this page.
Attempting to use your own items, creatures, merchants or scripts is prohibited.
Use this form to upload your area. Acceptable formats are module (.mod) or exported resources file (.erf). This file can then be compressed into a ZIP, 7z or RAR.
For further information visit the Player Housing Sinfar Forum.
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