Emmaline Leclair

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A Glance:

Race: Looks elven
Sex: Female
Age: Seems early 20s
Height: 5'2"
Hair: Platinum blonde
Eyes: Azure blue
Physique: Toned and feminine

In Depth:

A travelling elf with a touch of the divine, Emmaline is a soft-featured woman with pretty features that have a slight touch of melancholy despite her often smiling face. She is more on the quiet side, but has a strength in her expressive eyes and something of a quick wit.

Emmaline was of average height, with a feminine build that looked suited for nobility, always presenting herself in a prestine, esteemed fashion - but was outfitted like one would expect a knight, or perhaps even a paladin. A small necklace depicting a crescent moon hung down, nestled in her cleavage.

While she looked elven enough, the silverish wisps of hair that fell past her shoulders and bright blue eyes showed some hint that she held otherworldly blood of celestials in her veins. She was modest and kind, approachable to most (except obvious evil-doers!), and more likely to trust and show generosity than encourage violence, but she was often armed nonetheless.


Favorites: Conflict with villians. Fiends, drow, orcs and other traditional enemies of a goodly paladin. Corruption and impregnation/risk-of.

Greens: Being submissive, mind-control, bondage. Males, shemales and hermaphrodites. Roughness, tentacles, rape, oral. Walk-up roleplay and roleplay/scenes planned out in advance are both welcomed!

Yellow: Blank bios. Please give me some idea of your character! Slavery/collaring.

Red: Females, being dominant, gore & excessive violence, filth, ageplay, excrement, public scenes, macro-play, group scenes, vore.

F-List: https://www.f-list.net/c/emmaline%20leclair
Player:Elven Pastry
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf