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Race: Some sort of Dryad
Gender: Herm.
Age: 23
Hair: Raven Black
Eyes: Yellow
Skin: Green.
Role: Dominant

Body Shape:

Nashera is a tall and curvaceous woman that has soft green skin that can be easily mistaken by orc heritage but upon close inspection it reveals to have a sighly oily coating it. That oil seems to create a faint smell similar to carnivore plants meant to allure those who are sensitive to sweet scents, the same oil also causes dizziness when someone is directly exposed to it.

That mechanism is only meant to make her easy to feed her hunger and lusts, making it easy to find suitable partnerts to feed of.

She also seems to have a few tendrills mades of vines that born from her back, cleverly hidding wrapped around her back and hips. Those tendrills have a stronger version of that poision and could be used as another reproductive organ when its needed.

Someone versed on magical creatures can see that she is disguised as a dryad but in fact she is a mutation of a carnivore plant that for some reason has become human shaped and earned self awareness while she had developed a personality by mimicking other human like creatures.

If she is dangerous or not, that is up to the ones who are willing to know her, but she doesn't seem able to eat a person, at least not on the bad way.


Green: Casual RP, BDSM or Vanilla, Rough sex, non consensual, consesual, seduction/flirting, corruption, drugs, mind control, Body modification, adventuring, Druid themed RP, Shapeshifting, Bestiality, Parasites, Tentacles,  using summons or ferals controled by her.

If you're unsure of something just ask

Yellow: Other Shemales/Futas/herms.

Red: The usual suspects, haflings that acts like childs, role reversal.

//Tell Friendly.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human