Sonja is Orginally from the inner jungles of Chult, traveling out from the Black Tribe , being outcast and exiled.

From there she was adopted into the Crimson Sisters , a rarely encounted, secretive and secluded Amazonian tribe.
After a long while, she traveled to Kissmet, to dwell and thrive, even becomming the acting Amazonian Queen there in Chinjunomori.

Disruptions in the fabric of Kissmets reality, has her reluctantly moving, following the path of her dear friend, Izzy whom traveled to Sinfar to dwell.

- Sonja is a tall, well built , wildly sexy woman, with a primative, yet intriguing personality.
- Sonja while being around civilizaton for many years, still carries her Savage roots. She has mannerisms that always do not match civilized perspectives.- She never wears anything on her feet, always barefoot.
- Being Savage, Sonja wears very little in terms of "clothing" , to her "covering up, is basically just covering her sex from view.  If you have dress codes, you will have to be very specific with Sonja what that is, and fair warning, she might not have much to alliviate any nakedness.
She is a black woman, and had been famous in her past for the mass of red dyed hair she sports.

She can also, take other forms, as Sonja was born a Lycan naturally ( Her entire original tribe was. ) , being a great Cat, and of course Hybrid lycan appearance.

//OOC- Let it be known, while Sonja wears a submissive collar, it is from her soul mate, whom died previously. She will NOT sub or let anyone top her from there on out.  

Red Light- Usual- server rules, scat, pedo.  God modeing, pregnancy play of any sort, body morphing, mind control, ridiculous size differences including just gentalia. Unessisary drama, and thinking a smile is your cue to do whatever. I am NOT random tell friendly!!! -

Yellow/Amber Light -  Lots of things i'm a bit mood dependant on, ask me if unsure. ERP without getting to know a characters. Men - Sonja is Amazon, has a very poor outlook on males, they ARE second rate citizens to her way of life. She can be friends easy enough, and while not 100% gay, she isn't really interested in males much.

Greenlight- RP, getting to know the character, conversations, friendships ... Unless Sonja likes a person up front, she's only going to engage in sex with those getting to know her, and vica versa.
Lots of things are on the Table sex wise, Sonja is playful, wild, has a mischievious streak, likes to tease and play.  BDSM wise, Sonja tends to top in such, though she isn't exactly a hard-core domme. Her submissiveness, is a RED, see above. No go,.
Heavy preference for women. Is not shy/body shy.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human