A short, slender woman who would at first glance look like an elf - If it weren't for her fox ears and fox tail.

Ginger hair, long and well kept, tumbled down her back, framing freckled cheeks, and otherwise flawless features.  Green eyes, often looking rather bored, peer around, and plush, soft, naturally pouty red lips matched that expression.

She had a slender, graceful, lissome form, with small, perky breasts, each capped with a pink nipple pierced through with a ring.  Her tummy was flat, her hips flaring out to help present that rounded bottom to the world, pressing against whatever pants or skirt she tucked it into.  Around front was that neat, trim, hairless slit, with a ring through her hood.

Cherish is always sub/bottom, and is intended for more rough/kinky encounters.  The list of non-reds is non-exhaustive - If you have an idea, let me know!

Tell friendly for questions or if you're interested in arranging RP.

Some ideas:
Vaginal/Oral/Anal - Large insertions, cervical penetration, womb fucking, multiple insertions (dp/tp/dvp/dap), gaping, toys, summons, tentacles, oviposition, fisting

Cum - On her, on her clothes, in her, inflation (mild to heavy), diets, attempted breeding


Humiliation - Body writing, (temporary) tattos/brands, (temporary) collars/leashes, forced outfits/nudity

Ordinary men, Ordinary women without large toys, scat, permanent alterations, death, actual rape, server rule violations
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf