Illuminel Mercuria

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Illuminel 'Lumie' Mercuria-Maeviir

Race: Celestial Dragon
Hair: Snow White
Eyes: Golden
Height: 4'5
Weight: 40lbs (Normal Form)
Features: Halo
Siblings: Ilara Mercuria and Illyana Mercuria

Customized Forms: Blisshound, Kobold, Drow, Minotaur, Celestial, Succubus and Kitsune

Summary: Illuminel or Lumie is a short Elven figure (Sometimes!), notable for her white feathers and golden scaled winged, long serpentine golden tail and radiant halo of light above her head.

Whites: RP, ERP, Wholesome RP, Self-Modification.

Greens: Threesomes/Moresomes, Friends with Benefits, Relationships, Any Gender, Any Race, Public Nudity and Sex. (If it's not in Yellows or Reds ask)

Yellows: Mood dependant if not in Reds.

Reds: Anything against server rules, excessive gore, scat, vore, perma-death, perma-injury, pedophilia, excessive drama (OOC and IC), Pregnancy, walk-ups for sex, especially if I do not even know your toon.

{{Am tell friendly and OOC chatty, so feel free to engage in either and forgive me if I do it too much ;)
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf