Ishihara Nara

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Race        Human
Gender      Female
Eyes        Brown
Hair         Black
Height      160cm(5ยด25 ft.)
Build        Lithe/Athletic
Occupation   Kunoichi
Accent      Japanese
Disposition   Stubborn/Proud

A typical "Ninja" warrior type, who appears to have a small, agile build, heavily favoring swiftness and technique over brute strength. Although her outfit appears to have several obvious weapons and tools of her trade, a sharp eye might notice it hides even more, so she would never find herself without a bladed weapon to compensate for her physical stature.

In combat she seems to favor short blades and use an "aggressively" defensive style, often holding her blade in a reserved grip, ready to parry any blow she doesn't intend to evade, which would usually be followed by lightning fast counterattacks. Not only did her sword technique seem nearly flawless for this style, she also appeared to be especially gifted in muscle-reading, being able to anticipate where a strike would land and how she would counter, almost like the events had already played out in her mind.

She may not be the size of an average warrior, but while in combat, there's a cold stare in her eyes, that indicates she does not lack experience or confidence in her abilities. Her smaller stature, the lightness of her feet and the speed of her arms have without a doubt caught stronger opponents off-guard, who were quick to underestimate her threat level.

Like most characters of eastern culture she appreciates sparring, warm drinks and baths, and she has come to the isles of Sinfar to explore what it has to offer, her homeland having been quite a bit duller in some obvious areas.

Her fiercely competitive nature would seemingly reveal very few weaknesses, aside perhaps from her curiosity - and confidence, that she could slither her way out of any trouble, it might lead her in.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human