This towering orc has a body of thick, rippling muscle.  His flesh is a dark, dull green and covered in the scars of battle.  Midnight black hair hangs in a shaggy mess about his face, a number of crude and beaded braids throughout.  The thick strands cover a pair of blood red eyes that often peer about in a calculating manner.

The beast manages to give off both a sinister and brutish aura, more often than not doing little to shirk the common perceptions of his kind.  Prolonged time with him might reveal more, but such a thing clearly carries the risk of irritating him.

Green: RP.  Women.  Princesses.  Elves.  Elven Princesses.  Drow.  Drow Princesses.  Women in general as long as they're engaging.

Red: Men and shemales in sexual situations.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human