Sister Sinner

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Species: Human
Age: Early to late 20s
Gender: Female
Orientation: It's complicated
Height: 5 ft 5 in
Weight: 110 lb
Basic Class: Fast Hero 3
Advanced Classes: Gunslinger 4/Infiltrator 2
Starting Occupation: Criminal
Allegiance: Church of Innocence and Sin

The woman known only by the codename Sister Sinner is a special operative of the Church of Innocence and Sin. Completely indoctrinated to the cause, the Sinner is called upon whenever there is work of dubious morality to be done on behalf of the Church. The woman is highly skilled in acts of espionage and sabotage, and not even assassination is unconscionable to her. However, for every transgression committed during her missions, Sister Sinner must atone through punishment at the hands of her superiors.

To look upon her, it is obvious what form her penance takes. The young woman's outfit is an outrageous BDSM caricature of a nun's habit. Her figure is wrapped in a bondage harness that leaves her nubile breasts bare for all to see. The woman's identity is concealed by a snugly fitting mask that also acts a muzzle, rendering her incapable of speech. The mask makes it difficult to estimate her age, but given her peak physical condition, she is likely no older than thirty.

Note: Sister Sinner is what is sometimes called a demi-vierge: a sexually promiscuous woman who retains her virginity. Although sexually available to every Church member, she does not engage in oral or vaginal intercourse. The Sinner is not allowed to remove her mask with anyone else present, and by Church decree, she must forgo all forms of vaginal pleasure. Do not engage in ERP with this character unless you are comfortable with ANAL ONLY.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human