Telga Thunderaxe


Name : Telga Thunderaxe
Age : 49 years
Race ; Half-orc (Father orc, mother human)
Class : True Weapon Master (F. 12 - WM. 28)
Gender : Female


Short history :

Telga come from another plane : Terrafaers.

After a long travel in her native lands, she is back in Sinfar Islands.


The personality :

Telga is a proud half-orc, specialised in greatsword, she is now a Weapon Master.

She is someone straight, sometimes, cold, depends of how she finds a person, warm with her friends.

She respect a lot warriors, hunters, blades.

She is able to think before to act, same if her roots puch her to jump on a fight.

With her old age, she is more wise than some of her brothers and sisters.

She has no diplomacy when she has something to say. Can be a problem for others sometime.


Desires :

* Natural RP
* Relationship (Friends/Lover)
* Adventures
* Hunts/Battles
* Talks
* Plots to help friends
* Meet interesting personality
* Fun/Laugh
* Be seducted
* Long term RP
* Life in couple


I don't want :

* All againt the rules
* Childish toon
* Sex without RP and seduction
* Rape
* Rough violence
* Drama


Language :

* English
* French
* Italian



I'm friendly. If you want to play with my toon, tell me. ^--^
Player:Ninja Girl
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human