Ariadne Navascue

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Ariadne (formerly) Ariadne Navascue
Former Noble

Bearing a classical poise and beauty that would mark her out from most as a woman of noble upbringing she seems to have gone down in the world and not to be in the best mood about it.

Her figure when displayed is impressive with large breasts, slender waist and wide childbearing hips. Her buttocks while not callipygian are well-shaped.

She appears fairly pampered and carries a little extra padding from good living and nutrition in her life thus far.

Raised as the heir to a prosperous Barony and recently ejected due to scandalous circumstance involving a mix up it appears that she may not be of noble blood after all.

This circumstance is hard for a woman raised to such prospects and privileged with the best tutors in history, politics and arms to deal with but she is now for whatever reason accompanied by the scurrilous farm girl responsible for ruining her life.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human