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Name: Letoscerai Tempest
Alias: Leto
Race: Alu-fiend
Age: Appears ageless
Height: 1.8 m.
Eyes: Blue, with snake like pupils
Gender: Like mother like daughter
Mother: Renemie
Father: Lexiseptem

The pale skin of this woman is certainly looking quite unnatural, especially with dark sprays of freckles along her cheeks, chest and back. Contrasting oddly dark colored arms and legs seems only to add to her rather unusual visage.
Another good hint of her unnatural heritage are the dark long tail sprouting from her lower back and a pair of tiny curved horns showing up on her forehead. Not to mention that her hooved legs and reptile-like blue eyes further contrast with her humanoid form, confirming any guesses about her possible fiendish origins.

Overall, ignoring all those abyssal traits, Leto pose a proud and beautiful figure, not shy about skimpy clothes she usually wear, if at all. Whatever little strap she uses for a top hardly can hide a pair of perky, unnaturally round breasts, swelling the upper part of her attire to it's fullest. Further down lays a flat belly with a dark rune on it, undiscernable for most. Flowing down to her wide, fertile hips and powerful legs her lower part pose strong and gorgeous. All to the tips of her shiny hooves. The arch of her digitgrade legs seems to be less prominent than of most behooved persons, yet it makes no issue for her to trot around.

Whatever her busyness may be around Sinfar isles, she seems not to be shy or scared about anyone or anything, often proud, stoic and sultry.

I have a list of general lights which describe my ERP preferences as a player, if you're interested, then check this: https://nwn.sinfar.net/character.php?pc_id=57280

Lights for this specific character:

Whites: She is perfect middle ground switch.

Tell friendly.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human