Masha Semenova

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Name: Maria "Masha" Semenova Elendinai

Race: Half-elf

Age: 27

Height: 163cm (average)
Weight: 55 kilos (average)

Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Blue

Big hat with a witch stuck underneath


// updated 21-12-2021

She now wears a golden ring with floral patterns on her ring finger.

You see a young half-elf woman, with dark hair and blue eyes. Her hair can vary depending on when you meet her from very short to very long.

She is often wearing a black witch dress with some golden threads and the hat that matches her global appearance.

Lately, Masha seems to have added a few piercings to her general appearance: a golden ring through her right earlobe, three studs through the tip of her left ear and a golden ring through her septum.

When she is not wearing her witch robe, she is wearing traveler clothes and can often be seen with a backpack and a satchel full of scrolls. Her boots are worn and it wouldn't take much to see her toes through the sole.

She speaks with a thick eastern accent.

// OOC:

Portrait is accurate

Theme songs:

Queens of the Stone Age - Burn the witch

- English isn't my native language, you can point my mistakes, no worries :)
- I'm colorblind so if you say weird color patterns on my character (body color not matching head, etc) please let me know!

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