Evayeal My'eela

Black riding crop cleaner than church shoes.

Mistress can see the way you shine.

Are you a five star chick?
She will give you the dick.

Neat leather black gloves, elegant dark heels.
A touch of character.

Young girl genius. A sharp look.

Sin city, demons and a dark lineage.
Won't corrupt her.
From giving you what life has best to offer.

Brand new whip, she got options.
Put a bad bitch in the friendzone.

Her desires are valued above yours.
That wont stop from taking an authoritative tone.
Asking about your fantasy.

Rising up like the phoenix.
Effortless, she plays it out like it was easy.

She got the fuck you money.
Pockets full.
Papers of promises, gold, coins.
She's free.

Would you like to sit down? Do you appreciate to kneel down? Do you feel good laying down?
Mistress has plenty of ways to reward and make you happy.

Communication & Great sex
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human