Alice Wilmbows

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Gender: Female (usually with extra)
Orientation: feminine
Disposition: Usually top/dominant

A gorgeous fox that seemed a little bit off. Alice is quite the busty, eager thing, walking around with a dramatic sway that had all of her generous assets bouncing in prominent display.

//very tell friendly, and quite approachable!


Red- Bathroom stuff, gross stuff, low-effort and short emotes in erp, regular males (if you tend to write shorter emotes in erp, please, just send me a tell so things don't start to get juicy and redlights get breached! I'll still happily do normal RP. Only putting this here because it's been ignored numerous times >.>)

yellow- nonsexual pain stuff. Blank bios or ones without lights (hard to do stuff if I don't know what's good or not! In this case, a simple message about lights is 100% acceptable)

yellow/green - feminine males, first/second person

Green- lots o' stuff! Knotting others, pumping them full. Teasing, playing, enjoyable RP. Breeding others, lactation, cerv pen, bdsm. She can be soft, gentle, or hard and dominant, though usually not to the extreme extreme point of things. Longer posts. Willing to take a slave or pet or two, though vanilla is equally enjoyable!
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human