Ruvyn Rocaryn

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Name: Ruvyn
Race: High Elf
Apparent Gender: Female.
House: Rocaryn.
Apparent Age: Seasoned Adult.
Height: 5 feet 2 inches/ 1.60 meters
Weight: 132 lbs./ 60 kg
Eyes: Deep Blue.
Hair: Platinum Blonde.
Scent: Expensive Perfumes. Fragrance varies.
Bust: Reasonably considerable. More than a handful.
Body: Femine. Lush.
Skin: Light of colour and soft to the touch. Unblemished.
Interests: Family, elves, elven girls, some human girls, philosophy, making elves a noble race again. Maybe a few very nefarious things that shall be left unmentioned.

Physical Traits
Elegant and refined, the elven dame's form rose up to 5'2" (160 cm) as an unremarkable, but decidedly respectable height for her kind, in addition to the constitution of a matronly silhouette of wide hips, a lavish chest, and a tiny waist that was honed into a form that cast her in the likeness of the epitome of health, vigour and fertility.

A thick mane of platinum hair rest atop her head, ever lustrous and striking regardless of what hairstyle or length of choice. Her eyes were of a deep blue color whose sapphire tones hinted intent to spill out past her pupils and engulf the whole of her sclera. The gleaming blue sheen of magical runes imbued upon each a touch of mystery as well, adding to the intricacy of her angular facial figure.

 She was a woman whose heart belonged to the finer things, a reality reflected upon the way that she dressed and how she carried herself ever with imperious gait. Her skin held that delicate, pliable softness characteristic of youth still, an unchanging trait that in no way matched the articulate and seemingly worldly personality attached to the package entire.

Eerie iris runes.



Out of Character & Traffic Lights
Green: I am, in general, fine with most things. I prefer taking the moments as I see them and get them rather than presenting grounds for a selection from which to choose. Some of the things I enjoy may not actually match Ruvyn's In Character likes, and as such, I will react appropriately.

Rule of thumb: When in doubt, ask.

Yellows: People who randomly and consistently ditch out of ERP without warning. I will mark you and become increasingly less interested in intimate scenarios with you until I deny them outright. The nondescript. The situational moment of watersports. Dub Con. Rape.

Reds: Child-like concepts of any shape, size or race. Animals. Scat. Gratuitous violence completely void of context during erotic.

The player behind Ruvyn is tell friendly and acceptant of Out of Character arrangements if the offer is undeniably interesting, provided the offering party accepts things may not take place as planned the very instant the ball is first rolled In Character.

A thot to keep in mind: Scientists believe that reading thoty character descriptions is healthy for you.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human