Juz'Ra Angelf d'Eath

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Juz'Ra Angelf d'Eath

--FACTIONS/TITLES: Baroness of Tenebrae, Jabress Cress Head of Legal--

--PROFESSION: Lawyer, Business Owner, Mage (Necromancy/Enchantment/Eromancy)---

--LANGUAGES: Common, Yuan-Ti, Drow, Kozakuran, various Lotus Isles dialects--


You see a voluptuous black haired beauty. There is an air of nobility to this strange woman. She often wears flowing gowns, a cultist robe, or traditional Kara-Tur attire (although lately the busty witch seems to wear close to nothing at all). Juz'Ra appears to be of Kara-Tur descent, even sporting vaguely Asian features.

Whatever she's wearing seems to be enchanted to produce heat. Her clothing also appears to be enchanted to protect against rain, snow, and other weather patterns.

Her breasts are quite large, big enough for more than one handful.  If held they would easily contour into the hands of the one gripping them, or around whatever was put between them. When wearing skimpy clothing it was be difficult for Juz'Ra to keep her mammoth milkers from bouncing with each step or, in extreme cases, each breath she takes.

Lower still Juz'Ra has wide, child bearing hips of steel.

In truth Juz'Ra is a noble holding various titles. She is a mother and grandmother to many, even a great grandmother these days! Some have taken to calling her granny although she prefers the nicknames Juzzy and Lady Juz'Ra. One can always expect this beautiful woman to stand as a pillar of the communities she frequents.

Despite what appears to be perfection Juz'Ra is far from perfect. She is quite emotional and prone to outbursts of anger if pushed far enough. Her desire for vengeance against those who wrong her or her family is legendary. On top of that she's been known to indulge a little too heavily in alcoholic beverages and various pleasures of the flesh. So much so that she often times finds herself drunk in public, usually from her favorite alcohol - Feywine.



White: Males, Females, truth or dare, sexual fighting/wrestling, Dice Games (Shogun, Strip Dice, etc.),
Prostitution, Breeding, impregnation risk, Breast Worship, cock and vagina worship, groping, altering her own body with magic, trickery, consequences, cum feeding, cum diets, public and semi-public scenes, knotting, corruption, gangbangs, fucking your familiar, and general hedonism/sluttiness

Greens: Multiple partners, public nudity, double vaginal, Magic, Romance, all genders and races, vanilla and non-vanilla, incest, torture of all kinds. Females with extra bits.

Reds: half assed commitments/consequences (effort and time. Without a willingness to devote both, don't bother invoking consequences) Vore (Negotiable), Scat, Server Rules, forced chastity, Rape (Negotiable), Sexual Slavery (Negotiable), Humiliation (Negotiable)

While not explicitly a light, any (successful) attempts at perma killing will only stick for a short while and eventually be reversed. Permanent changes are fine as long as they make sense.

If something is listed as (Negotiable) I'm willing to talk it out and possibly greenlight it for you if your reasoning is SOUND.

Tells are cool. Just don't abuse the privilege.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human