Esmeralda Dharke

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First name: Esmeralda
Last name: Dharke
Race: Human
Height: 5'6'' \ 168CM
Age: Unknown
Nationality: Unknown
Hair: Gray
Eyes: Purple
Occupation: Seer, Arch Magus.

Notable traits: An ageless quality to her looks.
She speaks with a "Transylvanian" accent.

As for those that attempt to gauge anything magical about her being, they would soon realize that she is also protected by an aura of non-detection.


As above, so below

What you reap is what you sow

What you give comes back threefold

As above, so below


Often one to look down her nose at others around her, with a cold, serene gaze of judging her lessers, Esme is a woman of beauty unmatched by most.

Carrying herself with an air of arrogance as she walks, every movement accentuates every curve of her body, her full hips swaying from side to side with every step.
Despite her alluring gait, she does not dress particularly provocative, for Sinfar, at least. Though her clothes are often form-clinging, leaving little to the imagination. Even so, she seldom shows more skin than necessary, although she appears fond of low necklines that further elevates the presence of her bosom.

When she speaks, it is with a profound calmness; that of an old tutor instructing a child, and with more than a little arrogance barely concealed behind her voice.
While she often keeps from raising her voice, when she does, her anger is often accompanied by the fierce words of a spell incantation, and perhaps a fireball, if not unlucky.

Special gifts:

Gifted with second sight since an early age, Esmeralda has the ability to see flashes of a person's past, future, or present, by looking at them, touching a possession, or being in contact with their skin. She does not control when this happens, nor what part she sees.

When it comes to the future, however, that is harder to interpret than the past and present, seeing as she only sees a possible future, that is ever-changing.

(This is also not something meant for powergaming/godgaming or metagaming, but rather progression and initiation of RP, and Esmeralda only reacts when another player wants her to, by sending her tells about what she might catch a glimpse of.)



(Thanks, Banang! You are the best!)

Theme songs:

P.T Adamczyk & Olga Jankowska - "Never fade away (Cover version.)"

In This Moment - "The In-Between"

In This Moment - "As Above, so Below."

Feel free to approach my character when you want to, but I prefer things to happen naturally, and not through setup in tells. Also keep in mind that Esmeralda is not a very sexually active character, and I am first and foremost here for RP and plotlines involving other characters, and this means she is very likely to turn down people simply out for sex.
Player:Duty Honour and Cupcakes
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human