Sophia Quickwit

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Fast on her feet and sharp as her trusty dagger, Sophia's life had seen her as one of a risk taker. A natural curiosity combined with her mischievous nature sees her as an explorer who is almost always up to causing some kind of trouble. Her work mischief tends to be more light hearted than cruel, but also had a tendency to land her in trouble. She holds a kind heart deep inside herself though as she roams about the lands.

As her name implies, Sophie focuses on stealth and speed over brute force or charm. Why have to talk your way out of a bad situation or fight if you can simply avoid all the trouble to begin with. Her natural animal senses only encourage this, keeping her in balance and off catching others trying to sneak up on her. Though she can dish out a nasty cheap shot, she isn't built at all to suffer one.

As for her appearance, brown messy hair sits across a young face with unnatural orange eyes. Two fluffy ears poke out of the top of her head, aimed forward with a very bushy and bulky tail that sits behind her almost always. Her outfit was barebones, a top that hugged her chest together showing the underboob of a rather generous rack, two simple fingerless gloves, and a thong hidden barely under a tiny orange skirt. She wore orange boots ontop of her black stockings to complete her outfit. All of it barely hid her muscles, or lack there of, as much of her body left plenty of leeway for hands to sink into her soft rear or lovely chest, though she wasn't completely without some level of firmness.

---OOC Notes---
Player is Tell Friendly, and open to IC approach. Preference for Roleplayed Combat or Stat Rolls vs base combat system, but is still open to trying.

Greens:Tentacles, Pranks, Causing Trouble, Suffering from said Trouble, Roll Play/Roleplayed Combat, Hypnosis/Mind Control, Story/Character Development, Stealth Lewds, Breastplay, Milking, Anything else I didn't list in Reds/yellows.

Yellows: Base PvP Combat (Prefer you ask before jumping me)

Reds: Server Reds, Pedophilia, Scat, Hard BDSM, Masochism/Sadism.
Player:Vaskel Dihault
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human