Joselyn d'Ahken'het

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Owner:  Amun Ahken'het

Born to a slave in Saban she was raised with the city slaves.  She has no idea who her parents are other than she was raised with the other unwanted children of slaves in Saban.  The collar around her neck is emblazened with AA.

(If you wish to inquire about her availablity to serve others, please direct all questions to Amun Ahken'het)  

Red: Scat, server violations, halfling or childlike characters, one word rp/erp responses, female, she-males

Yellow:  Excessive bondage, it's not fun if I cannot do anything at all.

Greens: Men, Dom/Sub, forced, random encounters, breeding, other races/species, marking, pregnancy, collaring, abusive relationships, Master/slave, lactation, unconscious, used as entertainment, vagina, oral, anal, toys, large cocks, cervical penetration, I am sure there is more, just ask if you dont see it.  
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human