K'ara Angelf d'Eath Shae

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K'ara means "Wild, stormy one" in Norse.
Height- 5'0
Eyes:-Cobalt Blue
Hair-Wild Rose Red
Build-Curvy and Supple and all female
Scent: Honeysuckle & a hint of vanilla

K'ara is now the beloved wife of the renouned bard Tristan Shae and is exclusive with him. Please do not ask for hook up/erp

Herald of Aglon
Owner, Love & Whiskey Fashions
Manager, Aglon Arena
Member of the Port Saban Fashion Society
Member of the Ruby Tower, Arch Terre

K'ara may not be tall but what she lacks in height she makes up for in personality. Quiet and on the shy side, K'ara, once comfortable around someone, quickly reveals a wit as sharp as a sword and a sense of humor as vast as the skies above.

When speaking, K'ara's voice is low and melodic, border lining on being slightly husky and sensual, though it is not clear if that is from rarely speaking or naturally caused.

Her clothing tends to be of loose, natural fabrics, generally in soft natural tones that are soothing to the eyes. While she is a designer and is proud of her designs, K'ara does not hesitate to promote the fashions of others, nor does she always charge for her own creations, believing it an honor to see her efforts making someone else feel happy and confident.

Always with her is a well cared for amulet of Selune. She wears this around her neck and can often be seen reverently touching it from time to time, especially in moments of deep contemplation.

A thick banded silver ring is always worn on her right hand ring finger. On the center of the band is a moonstone, carved to appear like the moon when it is in its fullest. On either side of the moonstone is a crescent moon made from lapis lazuli, the golden streaks of the precious stone catching in the sunlight when she moves her hand.


Originally from the fortress town of Yulash, K'ara fled the lands when an assault by the Zhentarim occured. The Zhentarim were on their way to Hillsfar to launch another offensive in their own going war between the two, and Yulash, with its prime territory between the two battling cities, was caught in the crossfires as each side wished to lay claim to the land.

As the Zhentarim gathered those of Yulash on that fateful day, K'ara, with the help of her father was able to slip away, though not before seeing both of her parents and many she'd known and cared for, being swiftly executed by the Banite following forces.

As she made her way along Shind Road, she made a singular vow; she would one day garner enough power to return and extract vengeance upon those who had taken part of the destruction of her homeland.

Time, however, has a way of changing even the best laid plans...

Green Lights: Intelligent conversations, especially those about the arcane, healing, and history. Progressive RP, in-depth storylines and supernatural plots. Lovecraftian tales, Vampire: The Masquerade and Victorian gothic style RP always welcome. Dungeon crawls, exploring new areas and hunting welcomed!

Reds: Anything that belongs in a toilet, anything against server rules, and ooc drama of any kind. I do mean ANY kind. This character is not available for random hook ups/walk ups so please, no tells requesting such.  

Player is tell friendly

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human