At a glance:

* Dragonkin (blue)
* Seven feet tall
* Definitely male
* Mercenary fighter
* Draconic theism

In detail:

Zephyr is a towering specimen of draconic might. His blue dragon ancestry is extremely prominent, from his horned snout to his stubby tail, although he's missing a few key features from his parentage: no scales, no wings, no sorcery.

Often found proudly wearing his shining armour, he carries himself like the disciplined soldier he is. Outside of said armour, he instead proudly wears all of his scars from past battles. Regardless of his state of dress, he always has to begrudgingly accommodate a very large bulge between his legs.

Religious signage is carried prominently upon his form, whether it be in the form of emblems and embroidery on his armour or idols and jewelry upon his person. Platinum dragons, grinning heads, shining jewels and watchful eyes; he appears to represent the entire draconic pantheon. There is one notable absence however: the five-headed queen bears no reverence here.

His demeanour is about as stoic as one could expect from a seasoned warrior, but he is quick to flash a grin in the presence of food, drink, and/or company.

~ Ooo, OOC section ~

Forewarning, I am extremely kink-focused and the character's attitude towards sex will also reflect this. If you want a vanilla intimate encounter, it might be best to look elsewhere.

That said, I am very "tell friendly" and I'm always happy to answer inquiries and discuss setups.

As for the actual ERP lights...

Males, females, dragons, anthros, sapient beasts and other creatures.
Size difference, from inconsequential to preposterous.
Unconventional penetration, ATWT, etc.

Strictly humanoid characters.
Blood, gore, watersports, vore - most things aren't entirely off the table but are mood and context dependent.

Ageplay, BDSM, rape, scat, torture.
Player:Let Sleeping Dragons Lie
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human