Echika Hikari

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Name: Echika Hikari (formerly Hirose)
Race: Earth Kitsune
Gender: Herm w/ Fox Member
Age: 90
Height: 5'-5"
Eye Color: Bright Green iris inside, Amber Gold iris on the outside with a slit pupil
Tails: Two
Build: Skinny, B/C cup
Scent:  Autumn, nature


UPDATE: Hanging from her right ear was a hanafuda, dangling from a golden chain.  The motif shown was one of a slender woman, her hair partially pulled back in a ponytail while the rest cascades over her shoulders.  The writing to the left side was not written in Common however.

On her back would now be a tattoo of the World Tree, or Yggdrasil, the branches stretching up between her shoulder blades, the roots to the small of her back

Echi is now a twin-tailed kitsune

She also has a silver stud in her nose

It wouldn't take a keen eye to notice a few flowers seemingly sprouting from her hair in purple, white, and pink

Sometimes Echi has blue fur.  Inquire within!

Echika is barely timid anymore, her time spent on the islands being exposed to everything and anything has made her much more open than when she first arrived.

Still a relatively young kitsune, Echi is progressing rather well now with her innate magics.

Her hair and fur are all a reddish orange, her skin tan in hue.  Her bright yellow eyes are slit, the bridge of her nose peppered with little orange freckles.  A cute little button nose rests atop a pair of thin lips.  Protruding from the side of her head are a pair of long, furry ears, sometimes giving away her mood by the way they move.

While she is a small framed woman, Echi is rather strong.  She doesn't exude body builder type of muscles, but she is quite toned for her size.

Moving down, Echika's chest is also spattered with freckles, her breasts a mild B/C cup.  Her hips aren't flared out, rather fairly straight, and her belly shows signs of toned muscle.  On her left shoulder, Echi bears a round scar about the size of a penny.

Moving down even further, Echika's legs are fairly skinny, a visible gap between them if she is wearing pants.

Any of her friends can tell you she is a sweet girl, but if you rub her the wrong way she is not afraid to stand up for those close to her.

When she is not in town, Echi is often spending her time in the wilds, tending to the plant and wildlife around the various islands, learning what she can from mother nature herself.

She also has many varying forms, from different versions of her normal self to monstrous races or modified versions of herself, depending on her form.


Whites: Handjobs, romance, loss of control

Greens: Rough, soft, vanilla, fun positions, oral, anal, know what, all the things really.

Yellows: Pregnancy (will take a loooooot of RP, random tells wanting to meet Echi

Reds: Usual reds - scat, gore, vore, watersports, youngin's, etc

Tell friendly, ask away and have fun!

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf