Miranda Gainsborough

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"She gets her hands dirty, she gets stuff done."

It's 5:00 AM in the morning. /BEEP BEEP!!/. Miranda plowed around the bedside table searching for the infernal source of that beeping until she found it and paid back to it with tenfold of wide-open palm slams.

There was a certain allure to waking up when the show was just going to start, but not in winter, no. Only little creeps would be roaming at that time. She sighed and after a few rolls between the bedsheets she let her soles touch the ground, a shiver ran through her spine, and with a raspy groan that seemed to be cut with a knife dug on her throat she complained...  "unghrr..."


Age: 27
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Skin: rose & freckled
Eyes: Bright green with honey rays.
Hair: Brunette. Long and curly with fringes getting in the middle *blows*.
Build: Curvy & bountiful, well-toned.
(all traits above might change, skip the description to check the game section)

A brownish mane that has chaotic turns threading with braids and flocks of combed hair frame a swarm of freckles just above her perky button nose. Two verdant eyes socketed in big wells that stay widened most of the time, a slight feeling of timeless reflection in her stare. Maybe an illusion of some sort as she just seems short-sighted. Sometimes her pupils dilating to absorb any light within like exorbitant black holes, soaking any color around them.

Her tanned skin wraps a swan neck that bridges her head with an upper torso that is well toned and well equipped with two ripe watermelons that sway in vertical movements when waltzing on her strolls.

Her waspish waist binds the lower part of her body to firm, turgent pillaring legs sustaining a bubbly rear that has movement and cadence on its own. Calves that show her strength when stretching with roads of muscles that mark beneath the plump coating of that shimmering flesh.

Whites: fantasy projection, social rp, flirting, humor, outdoors and kinky stuff with some redneck spice on it.
Greens: Many things, if in doubt tp me.
Reds: The usual.

The game:
Miranda's empathetic system has been tampered with, /corrupted/ maybe. Each time a partner bonds with her in some /deep/ way, she attains the means to make an illusion at will with the traits of the ideal partner that person is infatuated with.

· We can talk OOCly about such fantasy and also how that can evolve and morph the country girl gradually.
· Links to images with the cosplay at hand can be helpful.
· This transformation is an illusion that is empowered by her pheromones and the ones of the partner, so it will also gradually faint as they aren't involved anymore.
· Feel free to propose new ideas about this particular thing or how to mix it with your toon's RP.
· No refunds! I will try to portray the image to the best of my extent~
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human