Shah'sa Yril'Lysyl

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(Last updated 03/09/2021)
Age : Unknown
Gender : Female (With a trap side, sometimes)
Height : 5 feet tall
Hair : Dark purple
Eyes : Glowing Green
Skin : Pale purple
Race : Half-Demon

* Daughter to Emavrus
* Twin sister to Jedra'ha Yril'Lysyl

* Two other siblings (Unplayed yet)

Shah'sa is probably the closest thing to a demon. Not very tall, she stands about 5 feet high. She doesn?t seem to have any particularly powerful muscles but enough for what she does with them.

A long dark purple hair covers her head and partially her face while two horns slide towards the back of her skull and two long ears are clearly visible on each side of her head.

As for her face, these eyes illuminate with a green glow while certain marks cover her face with the same glow.
Her lips usually approach a mischievous smile even if at first she doesn?t seem to want to bite.. Or maybe, who knows.



- Roleplay (All kind)
- Breeding/Impregnation
- Enema/Inflation
- Sex in privacy or in public (sometimes in a scary corner where Bruce Wayne's parents were murdered can do..)
- Vore (Hehehe..)

- I accept most of races, more female, futa, herms..

The list goes on and on, anything is really a white or a green depending on the mood. More than happy to play out kinks on request!

If not listed in either green or red, just feel free to ask !

Behavior against server rules
Injuries/Mutilations (Hardcore) (But we can always talk about it, i might change my mind on the situation)

     /!\ VORE RELATED /!\
Shah'sa is an evil Demon and does seek souls to increase her power. She does so by devouring unfortunate victims either by cock, or oral. This will never happen without the other players direct agreement/approval. People value their characters and their stories and I will not devour a character that you still feel has a story to tell. If you feel however that you are willing to let a character 'Retire' inside of her, she will gladly add you characters soul to her collection, and they will leave either a mark on her, or leave her a trophy. If you think you want that, send me a message either OOC or IC.
//tell friendly ! I don't bite.. Or maybe but don't mind.

Please also.. Don't mind my english, it can be bad sometimes!
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human