24 August, 2021

Kjersta grew up as a domestic servant in her homeland, while not abused or mistreated, she was denied relationships unless given permission and denied all relationships outside of her caste. This presented a problem for Kjersta in that she had long had an eye for the handsome captain of the guard, Khaleb, who eventually helped Kjersta escape her servitude. Fleeing thier homeland, they eventually ended up in Sinfar and had an intense, though brief relationship.

Khaleb seems to have gone missing or is off following other interests and Kjersta has taken up training with a bow, in order to protect herself when traveling about the land, meeting new people and discovering new places, something she's discovered she enjoys a lot

Kjersta favors intimate relationships with human men, though has had a couple of same sex flings and will possibly have others, but seems most comfortable being intimate with other women when a man is involved. When Kjersta is with someone she likes, she can be very playful, adverturous and open minded sexually. Most comfortable as a sub with men, Kjersta is comfortable as a switch in group sex settings and tends towards being the alpha female.

Reds: The usual, things that belong in the bathroom staying there, gore, vore, dismemberment, death, etc... Kjersta has no interest in having children but is happy to have someone she likes try a lot. it would take a lot for Kjersta to feel strongly enough about someone to even consider marriage.


Hunting, exploring, questing and relationships, both platonic and intimate that develop from these activities (RP is highly favored and encouraged).

Enjoying the company of nice, plesant, friendly people.


Mean, needy, clingy, insecure people and the IC and OOC situations they create.
Player:Proporzione Divina
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Half-Elf