Alti Hirose-Mercuria

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Name: Alti Hirose-Mercuria
Race: Kitsune (Heaven)
Gender: Female
Height: 4'-5"
Eyes: Honey Gold
Hair: White
Build: Petite
Scent: Honeysuckle

Alti is very much like her namesake grandmother, devoted and dutiful, to her family but forever moreso her twin sister Willow.

Alti is a short in comparison to most her size and age, and her build matches such, small and highly nimble. Her snowy white hair and gold eyes match that of her birth mother Lumie, but unlike her dragon-like mother, she takes after her other parent Echika in species, long fluffy white fox tail and perky triangle ears that betray her feelings more than her face ever could.


Whites: RP, Romance, Friendships, Cuddles.

Green: IC, Communication, Netiquette, otherwise rp it.

Yellow: Mood dependant erp, excessive OOC.

Red: Against Rules, Scat, Vore, Gore, Pedo, Perma-death, Perma-Anything without Permission, etc.

((Disclaimer)) Alti and Willow are the daughters of Echika Hirose and Illuminel Mercuria, while Alti is played, it will be rp'd as if 20 years have passed and they are adult while playing as Lumie will be as normal.

After her trip up the almost Himalayan-esque mountains, and stuck up there for weeks to dwindling supplies and exposure, Alti has suffered frostbite damage to her left side giving her some very raw, but healed look to her skin and has gone almost blind in her left eye, however this is usually covered by bandages unless shown or said otherwise.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf