A young woman who carries herself with confidence... though she does have a tendency to glance over her shoulder, as if fearful she might be watched or followed.

Relatively tall, if she were a human woman (which the pointed ears and golden eyes suggest she is not), with musculature that suggests a history of regular exercise but not an extensive fitness regime. She is long-legged and curvy.

She is quick with a smile, though it has a tendency to flee quickly when she's caught off guard.

She doesn't appear to have much in the way of possessions. She typically wears a blue dress which shows off ample cleavage and her legs, toeless heels, and a matching choker. She also wears a simple silver wedding ring, studded with a diamond. The only other item she carries openly is an expensive looking shoulder bag. The choker, ring, and the bag all appear magical when subjected to a detect magic spell.

Reds: anything against server rules, rape, scat, watersports, torture, vore, gore

Whites: describing people and places, making full use of a location, pretending cities are livelier than they are
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human