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Name: Xylia
Race: Human-Hare Hybrid - Ask!
Height: 5'0"
Gender: Female
Disposition: Curious, friendly, guarded
((Preferences, Dom/sub, and others are all to be explored in-game. Consider her a blank slate finding her way. Updates as she 'cums' along....(Yup...) ))

Standing short at only five feet this women does not appear to be much at first glance however closer inspection reveals there is more than meets the eye. Her body though lithe and diminutive is quite athletic and spry sporting tight toned muscles from head to toe. Keeping her chest in athletic wraps she does not seem to favour a restrictive top keeping her upper body loose and limber. Both arms and legs are wrapped independently with right form hugging wraps that lightly dent the muscular tones of the women, on occasion when fighting or shortly after once can see a full boxers wrap on her first and forearms. A simple belt holds up the modest bottoms of the hare-girl keeping the protective leather padding hanging just apart from her lean legs.

Athletic and toned she had a number of very defined muscles that traveled her body including her six pack that tapered down under that belt 'Ving' down under her modest clothing. Her legs seemed the strongest part of her form however as thigh and calf muscles appeared tight, toned, and ready to fire at any time with how she carried herself on the balls of her feet. Favouring light cloth like slippers one could figure that a kick from this particular women would be quite devastating.

Noticeable features/rumours:

*Her stomach and around up to the top of her back is laced with a very exotic looking tribal marking

*She had red magical scarring on both sides of her face

*Upon her head sat a mask, though never upon her face she seemed to care deeply for it, perhaps ask why!

*She has a rather brutal looking claw scar on her upper left torso

*She has no weapons
(( More to come as she grows.))

*She is new to the isles and likely could be found training
Lewd things
((Below at later dates will show her sexual developments, discoveries, and overall lewdness.))

Level 40 inexperienced hare


Reds: Scat, Drama, and people who dislike consequences for actions.

Yellows: Watersports, Anal(Receiving), Full 'furry' characters.

Greens: Basically anything and everything that sounds like fun, I'll try anything once and most things twice.

Short, sweet, to the point, RP for more.


Always looking for advice/help with improving model design, I do enjoy the process of making characters and embrace the flaws others find!

Yes the jiggle physics clipping her chest wrap as she walks is annoying, yes I did see it, yes I need a solution!
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human