Nemdra Yril'Lysyl

Name(s): Nemdra

Race: Fiend

Age: Early 20s.

Height: 6'6"

Weight: ~200 lbs.

Wingspan: ~10'

Eyes: Green

Skin: Fair, Purple

Hair: Purple

********Physical Description************

* Grand Daughter to Emavrus

* Parents Jedra'ha Yril'Lysyl &Shah'sa Yril'Lysyl


A long dark purple hair covers her head and partially her face while two horns slide towards the back of her skull and two long ears are clearly visible on each side of her head.

As for her face, these eyes illuminate with a green glow while certain marks cover her face with the same glow.

Her lips usually approach a mischievous smile


REDS: Bathroom play and blood, no hins

GREENS: Monsters, Monstrous Creatures, Cum play, All Genders, Fiends of all Flavors, Dragons, Breeding/Birthing, Large/Hyper Insertions, Cum Inflation, Unusual Insertions,tentacles and Vore.


As ever Tell Friendly Send one if you have something you would like

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human