Linda Jadysarello

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(( FYI: This character story is built around total humiliation, rough non-con and mind break themes. If interested read FULL bio to be able to interact with her fully. You may also RP with her without reading the bio, it's a trade off - less meta-knowledge on her, but also less possibilities to play with her.))

.*..ChArAcTeR DeScRiPtIoN..*..

You see an raven haired young woman, she looks slightly chubby yet still dexterous, her bust visibly jutting against her blouse. She looks rather ordinary yet kind of cute, a half elf judging by pointy ears..

Her clothes seem well kept and decent - She is dressed in unremarkable, yet classy manner - Not a commoner, yet not a noble either. She is perhaps as an educated servant of some kind.

She seems quiet, polite and reserved. And shy. It is not rare to see a blush on her fair features while she is in conversation. She is usually wearing a pair of round glasses.

Somehow she might seem familiar....  (you may Rp that your character recalls seeing her at Sinifer city library)


Soft steps tapped between tall shelves. Making notes, Linda paused end of the pencil on her lips a thoughtful look on her face when a book, scroll or a map was missing from it's right place.

Suddenly, her ears perked as she heard something odd. She carefully crouched a little and removed a thin novel from the shelf, so that she could see through to other side of the shelf from the little slit the missing book allowed...

Flustering quickly at what she saw - a woman sucking someones thick cock! Linda stared few seconds at the sloppy suckling that was happening right there on other side of the shelf on her eye level. But as soon as the woman sucking glanced towards her and smiled- Linda gasped and quickly pushed the book back!

Linda heard hushed talk and laughter. Then from other side a muffled warm tone called. "~Hey little mouse, come over here and join us? We can suck him toget--" but Linda was already rushing away, quickly hiding in a study room close by.

"People think the library is good for nothing but sex...! " she thought, frowning offended, but also heavily embarrassed, that she had been caught peeping.

She waited and glanced to the hall through a small window carefully. Finally she spied the couple about to make their leave. She had to hide quickly again as the woman - a tall, devil tailed seductress - seemed to look straight at her hiding place!

Exhaling in relief as they finally left. She regained her composure, pushed round glasses gently up along her nose and gingerly crept back to the scene of crime- shuddering as she mentally prepared to wipe cum stains from book backs and the floor...

To her pleasant surprise she found there were no stains. But there was something... a... note? She picked up the fancy little flier and read it:


"BoTTom aNd DoM DaTiNg GeMs - Invitation for ONE"

"Holding back on your daring needs? Too shy to admit your fantasies? Worried your date will go wrong? NOT on tailored PRIVATE BLIND DATES that will match YOUR DREAMS! Guaranteed satisfaction! From GENTLE candlelit dinners to EXTREME which ever is YOUR dream! "

"Our deep scrying DOM gems detect SECRET fantasies of the submissive partner! SUB gem with matching fantasies will then respond to CALL of a DOM gem!"

"With OUR GEMS, you can forget about hesitation, awkward moments or safe words! From very first date, dominant partner will SENSE secret DESIRES of their date and are invited to ACT FULLY WITHOUT LIMIT on these fantasies!

Sensing works only for the DOM, so thrill of sweet surprise is maintained for the submissive! However, any ACTION that is NOT a secret deep desire or fantasy of the submissive - will trigger a warning - and if not stopped - will lead to a TELEPORT of the submissive away and into SAFETY! "  

JOIN by marking this invite with a drop of your blood and make a wish! Your DREAM DATE awaits!"

Glancing sideways as if worried someone saw her reading such a thing, she finally folded the invite card neatly and gnawed her lip in thought.

If...they were on a date...why is this invite un-used? With all the magic involved it must be expensive..., I need to take it to lost and foun-- she paused - on the the other side was written "Enjoy my gift little mouse!" Flustering, Linda rushed to a closest trash bin and dramatically threw the flier away!

Hours later when the library was closing, a pair of lithe feet paused by the same bin. No one was watching as quick fingers snatched something from the bin....


Meanwhile, on the other side of the city, a devilish woman was holding a gem. She bit her lip and asked her lover "You think the little mouse will join...?"

"Hah.. to find a reading buddy? She won't respond to YOUR call. That little lady was a virgin"

"... I even left her a nice note on the backside of the invite... I may have used tainted nympho blood ink to write it ,though ...."

"And..Wh-...wait.. it means the invite will detect that blood along with her own!? Ho-how much did you use!?"

"Oh please... I am just -helping- her to spice up her life a little bit and try new things... "

"You ... Your 'good deeds' are way worse than your evil doings. Still an educated girl like her is probably smart enough not to accept an invite from a horned horny bitch like you... eh... I think?  "


((Feel free to RP joining the service described in the note as a dominant! You can RP receiving the gem when joining and after activating it the gem will offer LINDA as a match. She can be summoned to a private date location decided by the dominant. (Send a tell) - Also - when meeting her your character will sense all FANTASIES 'Allowed on a date' and 'Not Allowed on a date' by Linda.

IMPORTANT: your character does not need to have all same green lights- but must have at least 3 from the list - vanilla chars would not get her as a match!.))

...*..FANTASIES (also ooc lights)..*....
Sensed as fantasies of Linda, by her dating partners - but not by others!

Allowed & desired on a date: Non-con abuse, Humiliation, rough treatment, domination, taking "no" as a "YES", name calling, mocking, dirty talk, being used like a sex-doll, spit and drool, forced kissing, messy throat fucking, pinned face fucking, forced to wear silly/slutty outfits/makeup, pet play, ass rimming, fart worship, being used as urinal/ toilet seat for shit & farts, sweat, feet worship, manipulation, blackmail, mind break, lies, chasing, fear of authority, yelling, tears, punishments, slapping, strangling, hair pulling, squeezing, spanking, groping, pinching, roughing her up (not extremely hard) lesbians, riding her face, smothering, fisting, men, she-creatures, monsters, bestiality, blindfolds, nose hook, restraints, clamps, tit abuse, spell effects eg. ability to talk replaced with involuntary drooling/paralyzation/shrinking, forced arousal, used as ashtray, shoe licking, armpits, milking, rough fucking, anal, fingering pussy/ass/mouth, dildos&toys, machines, intimidating strap-on's, rough fucking, anal, pissing in ass, groups taking turns on her, drugging, teaching worship & total submission, teaching to thank and beg, fake gentle treatment, faking a decent date before abuse, passing out or waking up to any of above. Petting and gentle mocking. Mocking her for being crazy nympho masochist. Special: A date call as an object on display - her mere presence taken as an offer to be re-named and re-purposed as "Shit pot" right from first date -  an affair as a dedicated toilet seat for the dom to call over a whim.

Other Greens: All good RP! Rping with her when not on a date, sending tells if you have questions. What is not listed - ask!

Forbidden: Kind treatment (unless fake), blood play, heavy torture, death, cannibalism, pregnancy, Linda being a dom, public places, public use (private groups fine) Server rules
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Half-Elf