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Yasheira is a versatile mercenary, working as a warrior, soldier, spy, saboteur, burglar, thief, security guard, but also a negotiator, representative and messenger in war zones in different worlds.

At first glance, it is difficult to determine her origin as she uses the common speech without any distinctive accent, and is reluctant to comment on her past. There is no doubt that as a traveler, she has seen different worlds - she is as skilled at using a sword and bow as she is with an assault rifle. It's also not easy to say what her motivations are - like any other mercenary, Yasheira works for money that she can spend on both equipment and expensive alcohol during an all-night party. Some might say that she is looking for something - nevertheless, it is possible that she herself does not know what. Knowledgeable people may recognize that she has a Calishite name - but she does not look Calishite in appearance, considering her slender build, tall, athletic body and fair skin.

In general, Yasheira is a calm and polite, self-confident, assertive, usually smiling, bright and positive person, versatile enough to find herself both in a port bar and at an exquisite prom. Her clothes reflect this well - because she wears both short skirts and long dresses, and sometimes she can even be found in dark armor with metal plates.


I'm an open-minded and tell-friendly player who enjoys engaging stories, difficult situations, moral dilemmas and interesting characters. I play almost everything and find myself very flexible.
Yasheira can be found in Sinifer City - drinking alcohol, spending time on entertainment, or looking for new jobs.
If anyone has any questions or wants to plan a story with me, please do not hesitate to contact me.
- I'm interested in PVP, but I can RP a fight!-

As for the lights...


- Males. Most of races, including beasts, orcs and monsters, excluding halflings and gnomes.
- Anal sex (receiving), vaginal sex (receiving), oral sex (giving), throat penetration, ass-to-mouth, face-fucking, gangbangs.
- Humiliation (also in public), verbal abuse, blackmail, slavery (short-term; long-term if discussed with a trusted player), making her beg, forcing her to submit, affectionate but degrading treatment.
- Roughness in general, face slapping, hair pulling.

As well as many other things, just use common sense and follow the server rules.


- Sexual interaction with females.
- Anything related to pregnancy or faeces.
- Vanilla, strictly romantic relationships.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human