Portrait Save
Name: Missery
City: Unknown
Race: Unknown
Sex: Female
Gender: Dickgirl
Hair: Dark Red
Eyes: Dark Red
Age: Unknown (young looking)

Missery is a pale-skinned girl with piercing red eyes, a seductive and defiant gaze. You can notice a haunting aura around her. If something stands out, it is her mysterious demonic figure, but few people know where she really came from.

WHITE: Dom sumissive Girls

GREEN: Dickgirls, Shemales, Pet play, Slave, Worship, BDSM

YELLOW: Can be switch, Modifications
(Ask before, very tell friendly)

RED: Mens, Dismemberment, Death, Scat, Excessive violence, Vomit, Break server rules
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human