Rance Bellecatcher

He is a somewhat sleazy eyed, laid-back man who can't help but stare at any good looking woman passing by, though he'll quickly try to correct himself. It's a weakness for sure that can be fatal in some circumstances, but it's one thing about him that'll never change. He can be found trying to chat up every passing by woman and trying (unsuccessfully) to cop a feel from them. He can be found most nights at the local bar enjoying a mug of spiced rum, being careful to consume it in moderation, as he's a downright menace to women when drunk.

When he's not fighting monsters or enjoying a drink with company, Rance can be found usually in the kitchen cooking up a meat dish. Although his culinary skills are somewhat lacking, he is quite passionate about his craft. Almost as passionate as he is with admiring women.

Rance carries a long rapier at his belt along with a shield, and is usually plated fully in heavy armor. He's a stalwart fighter and knows a bit of spellcasting, if nothing else.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human