Cornurubeia Vesperen

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Race: Alu-Fiend (1/2 Human, 1/2 Succubus)
Physical Sex: Female
Gender: Feminine
Height: 5'11"
Build: Fairly thin and muscular, with pronounced feminine hips and rear
Chest: C
Eyes: Bright green
Other Monickers: Ruby

Tall, hooved, horned and muscular, Ruby might cut a rather impressive or intimidating figure at first. Often seen with a sheathed greatsword strapped to her back, the fiendish woman was clearly a warrior of some sort.

Her face was hardly the peak of feminine beauty, but one would be hard pressed to say she was hard to look at. Chiseled, slightly angular cheekbones and eyes suggest a slightly more eastern origin - though the overtly fiendish heritage made her ethnicity impossible to place beyond vague notions of near-eastern.

Cornurubeia was a rather softspoken, even-tempered woman - slow to smile, but even slower to anger. Disciplined, quiet, and surprisingly gentle, despite the scars and callouses that suggested she might be a survivor of some sort of battlefield or arena. A rather close inspection would reveal even scarring around her neck and throat, suggesting a rather tight and sharp collar was once bound there but is now gone - perhaps a hint to where the discipline came from.

Her accent was somewhat difficult to place - holding hints of both Latin and Persian roots, despite her obvious fluency in speaking the common tongue. One would almost suspect the mix of accent influences suggested she was from a conquered province somewhere in a larger empire, and picked up speech patterns from both the conquerors and the conquered.

Curiously, despite her very clearly succubean roots, Ruby seemed nigh chaste - showing little interest in sexuality or sexual exploits. She also did not show much aversion to nudity or partial nudity, not particularly concerned with the amount of skin she was showing.

Truly a walking set of contradictions.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human