Lumie Hirose-Mercuria

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Illuminel 'Lumie' Hirose-Mercuria

Race: Outsider
Hair: Snow White
Eyes: Golden
Height: 5'5
Weight: 40lbs (Normal Form)
Features: Halo
Siblings: Ilara Mercuria and Illyana Mercuria
Relationships: Echika (Mate/Wife)
Alti Hirose-Mercuria (Daughter), Willow Hirose-Mercuria

Unlike her other self, this Lumie is a paradox of several races, two of which are opposites to one another, still somewhat Celestial, but also the drawing allure of the Succubi, along with the general presence of a Dragon.

Her scaled and feathered wings present but a golden hue, her white hair dyed tarnished gold, eyes molten hues burning with emotion, her skin still a fine pale, her tail lost it's scales and ends with a spear like tip.

A bit of flotsam to cling to in a storm.

RP Abilities: Dream Walking (With OOC permission to RP), Telepathy, Draining Kiss (Not always on).

Whites: RP, Romance, Wholesome RP, Self-Modification.

Greens: Threesomes/Moresomes, Friends with Benefits, Relationships, Any Gender, Any Race, Public Nudity and Sex. (If it's not in Yellows or Reds ask)

Yellows: Impregnation (Echika only), the rest is mood dependant if not in Reds.

Reds: Anything against server rules, excessive gore, scat, vore, perma-death, perma-injury, pedophilia, excessive drama (OOC and IC), walk-ups for sex, especially if I do not even know your toon.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf