~Updated 12/2021~
Race: Fiendish
Gender: Shemale
Pronouns: She/her. He/Him. Daddy~
Age: Late 20's
Height: Tall
Figure:  Toned
Job: Diplomat
Disposition: Top
Tags: #futa #sexy #cute #naughty #evil #tall #tan #charming #charismatic

Whites: Tongue rings, big titties, voluptuous women, getting your girlfriend pregnant

Green: sexy time, vanilla, kinky, incest, creampie, vaginal sex, condom/condom removal, blowjobs,  cock / balls worship, dirty talking, impregnation, instant hookups, large breasts, prostitution, titfucking, good girls/ whores, being approached. non-con, cheating, long term partners, fertility runes,

Yellow: Male and Shemale in ERP. Loging without telling me during rp (I will subtly shadowban you sorry~)

Reds: The usual. Waiting (If you're slow at responding, I might bounce. Im pretty forgiving with this thou)

~Very tell friendly. I prefer setting up scene via OOC~
I come here for ERP, but i'm coming out of my shell and open to making some friends!
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human