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Miyako is short for a human and perhaps on the shorter side of average for an elf. From a distance she might appear to be a tiefling due to the bizarre horns and the whites of her eyes being black, but up close it's clear that she's something else entirely, her "skin" being a glossy looking substance. The woman's horns are seemingly made of a prismatic metal and the pupils of her eyes are actually glittery stars. Her lips are often painted red and have a constant smirk. So far as attire goes she tends to favor gowns and kimono. Her hair is yet another curiosity, not being actual hair so much as inky blackness with motes of starlight. Her movements are clearly unnatural, suggestive of either no skeleton at all or a very different sort. She's quite squishy when hugged, reinforcing the idea of something abnormal, more reminiscent of a plushie than a humanoid. Overall she seems to fall quite firmly into uncanny valley territory.

OOC: Thanks to her oddball appearance finding a proper portrait for her is probably impossible. Consider the IG portrait to be a representation of what she'd look like before the blatantly inhuman traits are stacked on.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human