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  Having barely come into adulthood, this youth's features juxtapose innocence with yet undeveloped, late-blooming masculinity. The striking green eyes attract attention, often returning a passing glance or even keeping eye contact for longer; they display composure, sang-froid and peace of mind as well as a subdued, muted intelligence. His skin is smooth and unblemished, bearing warm and healthy tan that indicate eagerness for outdoor activities.

  Strawberry blonde hair, reaching mid-neck, frame his face from both sides, most of the time combed back and revealing high, lightly sloped forehead; had some playful streak, blown by wind, decided to fall upon the visage, it was unthinkingly swept aside, behind the rounded ear tip, which denotes human heritage. His lower lip, of deep pink color, seemed just slightly larger than the upper; he had a tendency, in the moment of thought or when flustered, to bite it, putting his white, evenly arranged teeth on display.
 The young man's body is, despite not having reached its peak yet, a tall, trim and lean one, bearing signs of frequent activity and a semblance of strength to come with age and future training; now, although hardly powerful overall, his legs, abdomen and the backside shows plenty of wiry muscle, as opposed to the skinny arms that end in slender, delicate fingers. Given an occasion, one could note his body, sans the head, lacks hair; his arms and legs have only short, light, barely noticeable strands.

  His sense of dress is conservative and tasteful regardless of the occasion he could find himself in. Overall, as it could be inferred, not too keen on attracting the limelight. On the street, he'd wear plain, clean and comfortable clothes; further outdoors he dresses mindful of the weather and possible dangers; in a ballroom or partaking in an illustrious event, he often bears subtle jewelry and well-tailored, dark-colored shirts of silk with pants to match, both form-fitting and accentuating his assets; classy, but hardly intending to overshadow the other attendants. A frequent addition to his wardrobe are shin-high boots, applicable both in social and private endeavors, remarkably well cared for in terms of both cleanliness and representability.

  The individual's voice would be pleasant to most ears, apart perhaps of a grognard musician or an aging diva who could pick up on its imperfections; though, even they'd have to admit the said flaws weren't innate, but laid on the side of the speaker's inexperience and insufficient practice. Unsurprisingly, the voice - a soft, not fully developed tenor - matched its owner's countenance. The words, in song and speech, rolled effortlessly off his tongue smoothly, erring on the side of reconciling calmness rather than a commanding cadence, denoting him as one to fulfill orders rather than to give them.

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Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human