Name: Jerha
Race: Human
Height: 5'9
Age: 26
Sex: Shemale

The woman before you stands tall, proud and mature. It was obvious she grew up in a enviroment of discipline and responsability which might refelct her tendencies towards the michivious and unlawfull. Arriving at Sinfar was for her a huge relief but to her family and tribe a disgrace.

She carried a demonour of health and good life, her eyes were a depth of hazel-brown that hinted of experience of the wild. Usually her long mane of pitch-black hair was a mess but she attempted to look as pretty as possible around these parts of the world tying her hair up in a bun every now and then. Overall she appeared chunky and plush but it was obvious she cared for herself. A harsh life on the savannah and plains forced her to maintain physical strength and endurance even though her body carried many traits and forms from her mama.
Her shoulders were narrow leading down to her plush chest that blossomed out into a pair of bouncy thick pair of breasts. She didn't care much with bras allowing the lush orbs of milky round flesh to cradle free beneth her clothing. The twins of chocolate cushions were both pierced with barbells going through each coffe-dark nipple. Both milky dark twins appeared plump and full easily over-filling what most on the isle would call a EE-cup.
Her abdomen was fit, the chocolate dark skin defined in sections of muscles creating a subtle six-pack.
Her hips was another heritage from her mother. Her hips flaring out into a wide curve of soft flesh putting padding and cushion around her sides creating a wide set of what most would refer to "child-bearing hips". Her backside swelled out wide and thick, carrying plenty of fat-padding creating a bouncy big rump that caused some problems for her when fitting smaller dresses on her form. The bouncy set of fat cheeks shaped a wide chunky booty of chocolate softness.
Thick broad thighs to accominate her hips lead down to her smooth calves and feet that was adorned in various golden rings and diamonds.
Betwix her thighs rested the fat anaconda of a plump cock. The girthy mass of penis created difficulties for her whenever she decided to dress in tighter dresses which forced her to tie it up against her thigh. Beneth the thick girth of cock a pair of baseball-sized testicles rested. Both sperm-factories constantly weighing the thin ballsack down into a heavy bag of fertile swollen mass.

Reds: Childlike-chars, drama, scat

Greens: All sexes, domming and subbing, role-play based

Whites: Breeding, other shemales, groups
((Tell friendly
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human