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Rael is a peach skinned beauty with violet eyes, black hair, ample sized breasts, plump ass, athletic body, and is a futanari. Rp to find out more.

    Rael was born from an Elven longsword weaponmaster sleeping with a human sorceress. It wasn't Rael's father intent, who was named Nael, to have a non pure elf child. Rachel, Rael's mother illusioned herself to look like the Elven woman Nael was interested in.           Rachel got Nael drunk, and while looking like the woman he was attracted to, got him to impregnant her. Rael's name came from combination of the two names together, and Rael has her mother's looks, but father's physical strength and violet eyes.
    Rael had never know who her mother was, just that she was a mistake from her father, he inadvertently cursed Rael while she was inside Rachel's belly since he wanted a boy, but found out it was a girl.
    Nael tried to teach Rael how to use the longsword, but the weapon was too light so she ended up having the weapon either break upon hitting something with it, or the weapon flying from her hands. Rael took a liking to the greataxe since it felt more stable, though it was disgusting and barbaric weapon to her father. After some time Rael headed off into the world and landed upon Sinfar.
    There Rael would enjoy life as an adventurer. Upon her adventures she had met a beautiful love slave named Meredith. As time went by, Meredith's master had kept her naked in a cage in the cold, eventually leading to Meredith becoming sick and unable to properly clean and serve so the master was going to leave her to freeze to death and die.
    Rael saw him as unfit to own her any longer, and slew him with her greataxe. She then broke Meredith's old collar and carried the lovely Elven woman away, tending to her and recovering her health.
    Rael had a new collar made of black leather with studded spikes for Meredith to wear, and claimed Meredith for herself, which Meredith more than willingly gave herself to her new mistress with all the love and admiration in Meredith's heart for the one she saw as a goddess.
    Rael now lives in Heavensfall with Meredith as a servant and protector to Lord Pendragon. She is also assigned to accompany his own fey pet Runa on her adventures, as well as care for her emotional needs since he's not a bad  man, he's just not lovey dovey, and also service her when she is good or as real sees fit, and has general ownership of Runa whenever Rael's lord is not around.

Current submissives:
Meredith (Rael's own)
Runa (Proxy of Lord Pendragon)

Greens: Most things are okay with me. If you are doing a bad, I'll let you know.

Reds: No ageplay, scat, vore, rape. Jealous or monogamous type people are also a negative. My other reds my vary depending on my mood at the time, so I'll let you know.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human