Penny (milk)

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tl;dr: Penny is a sweet, submissive and slutty little trained pet animal for everyone she meets!


This girl looks like a living and breathing combination of a pet animal and a sex doll! She has adorable big blue puppy eyes, a slightly upturned nose, and deliciously plush pink pouty lips that are just begging to get stuffed repeatedly and violently by big, hard, phallic objects.

Her nimble little body has been "improved" on several occasions to make her even more slutty, submissive and needy than before - using force, drugs, magic and training with varying degrees of consent to turn that cute little slutpony into the perfect public plaything!

For this purpose, she was also pumped full of so many different domestic animal essences, each of them carefully selected to make her even more dumb, slutty and submissive than before!

And to illustrate her new social standing, her slender neck has been outfitted with a tightly snuggling leather pet collar, complete with a dangling little ball. She will blush adorably when people inspect it, but she does not hesitate to tilt her pretty face up so they can read the inscriptions:

        Penny Ralien (AKA PONY)
        property of Rayna Ralien

In a smaller print there is also a simple instruction: "touch collar for control".

She has a lithe little body that is soft and warm and begging to be groped, anywhere! Anytime! And she is so lightweight and so easy to move around, restrain, molest and abuse her in every way that you might want!

Her breasts have grown to really quite impressive proportions on that delicate little frame! Firm and heavy melons with equally large and very sensitive pink nipples that are always glistening on the verge of lactation, just begging to be groped and molested!

And indeed she is in constant need of milking, even those big melons struggling to contain it all! The warm and sticky liquid spontaneously trickling and occasionally even squirting from her aching, swollen teats!

The submissive little sex doll tapers out at the waist with just a hint of baby fat on her tummy, and a juicy round tushy that is soft and firm at the same time and would make for such a delicious cushion if you bounced up against it to plough her tight little rear fuckhole! Or simply to pinch and slap as she daintily prances by. It is just so inviting!

Snuggled between her shapely thighs, her pussy is plump and smooth and perfectly hairless, swollen from abuse and just as tight and tiny as her rosebud. It is always glistening and trickling her slutty nectar from the helpless, shamefully delicious excitement that she feels in the presence of her superiors.

She smells sweet and lewd at the same time, a mixture of milk and juices and the leftover scent of all the spunk that has been pumped into her in such quantities that no amount of washing can ever completely make it fade. It is constantly tempting the nostrils of man and beast alike to force her down and rape her on the spot!

Her collar can be used to shock her on command, for training purposes or just for fun, and also magically controls her orgasms. It completely prevents the helpless little fuckdoll from climaxing, no matter how excited she gets... unless the current controller of her collar commands it!


Penny had always been a little bit of a slut, but when she arrived on the docks of Sinfar and was promptly "adopted" by her first Mistress, she was rapidly and mostly willingly transformed into a completely perverted and submissive little fuckdoll through a series of brainwashings and body modifications.

Even before she got trained to be a pet, calling her intelligent would really have been much too generous, but at least she had always been well aware of her own limited mental capacities and already adopted the habit of obeying those who are smarter than herself (which means basically everyone) and doing whatever they told her. So what happened to her in Sinfar was only the logical next step. Even she could understand that once it had been explained to her!

As a result, she is perfectly happy with her new life as a trained public pet animal, and always eager to be used for all sorts of useful and entertaining things. She craves the company and control of others and the worst punishment you could give her would be to lock her up somewhere alone with no-one to please.

In short, Penny is a degenerate and perverted little slut, but she is also a very nice person that loves to make friends, help anyone she meets and make them happy, and talk to them about anything they want - if they can resist the nearly overwhelming urge to stuff her luscious little mouth and throat with cock long enough for her to speak, anyway!


Dominant, submissive or at least brutish partners. Vanilla sex between equals does not interest me at all.
Note that dominant does not necessarily mean abusive!
Also, these requirements apply only to sexual rp, Penny will have normal IC and OOC conversations or go kill monsters with anyone who wants such!
Penny can act as a domme on request, but it's not her true nature and she will never do this unless asked IC.


More than anything, Penny loves to be treated as a toy and a pet animal. Please use her without asking her opinion, please train her to make you happy in every way you want and openly discuss her training with your friends, as if she wasn't even smart enough to understand all the embarrassing things you are saying about her!

It gives the obedient little slut such a warm and happy feeling inside when she is praised and petted and called a good girl! Her only desire is to please all of her wonderful friends, and she will do almost anything for you to show what a good girl she can be!

So please consider this list of lights just a few ideas to get you started!

WHITE: (oh god yes more more)
Use and abuse her as a mindless fucktoy and cumdump. Just walk up to her and ram it into her without introductions. Pump her full of sperm and cover her whole body with it. Piss all over her, tie her up, whip and spank her to decorate her whole body with welts. Leave her gagged and bound and fucked unconscious somewhere for the next person to find and abuse her.

(everyone always has permission to do anything on this list, no need to ask me ooc first)
(all sexes, races and species)
Rape, group rape, forced orgasms, lactation and milking, whipping, spanking, pinching, groping, humiliation, name-calling, collars and leashes, cuffs, clamps, chains, ropes, blindfolds, gags, plugs, machines, large cocks, very large cocks, absurdly large cocks, tentacles, pet play, excessive cum, cumbellies, cum showers, ...

Please keep in mind that by server rules anything that involves pee or poop must be done in private.

RED: (just don't do these)
age play, vanilla, monogamy

Is your kink not listed here?
Please ask me ooc! <3
Player:Player 2
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human