Lokiel Zyas

---== Lokiel Zyas ==---
Race: Storm Dragon
Age: Adult (RP for specifics)
Height: 6' 10"
Eyes: A stormy gray with swirls and a faint glow of blue and purple that circle a clearly draconic iris. A tinge of electricity can be seen sparking through

Hair: A faded black with tinges of blue and very faint grey, similar to a storm cloud. Usually seen either flowing free in the wind or styled up somehow out of his face. Sometimes held back by a strip of cloth.

Build: His entire form is incredibly defined, dense and cut muscles in a tall, tan, and lean package

Facial: A handsome clean shaven face with an elegant yet somewhat defined jawline. A set of pearly white sharp teeth can be seen whenever he smiles. His incisors are more pronounced and his ears gradually come to a faint point.

Piercings: He has multiple metal piercings in his ears that are periodically changed on a whim. Those that get to know him more might find more.

Markings/Tattoos: All along his arms are various swirling tattoos of storm clouds, violent winds, and looming draconic shadows illuminated in the storm clouds. On the back of his hands are what look to be smooth patches of dark gray scales with a blue-purplish faint edge to them mixed with runic letters and symbols of a draconic language.

       Unique Features
All over his form are occasional small bouts of electricity sparking and coursing over his form. Emanating from his eyes, hands, mouth, and other lovely parts. His metallic jewelry and piercings are usually electrified with small harmless sparks.

There always seems to feel like there's a slight breeze coming from him. It is faint and yet his hair sometimes wafts in this unseen wind. At the same time his hair sometimes may look as if it was just doused with a smidgen of rain or dew, giving off a small glint.

Being a true dragon his form can sometimes change, though only slightly and less of an accomplished shifter.

        Dragon Form
When seen in his dragon form(s) I will dictate their appearance or anything I can when it happens! He is surely an odd Dragon though!

Lokiel, or Loki as he's been called before, is a fairly easy-going individual. He stands tall above many which can sometimes be seen as imposing, and yet he presents a friendly and approachable smile, albeit it seems lazy or high.

A fan of metallic jewelry in a dark steel, or brushed chrome, he is adorned with different piercings and two heavy sets of bands that adorn his wrists.

His physique is incredibly muscled yet in a lean form with long powerful limbs, an incredible core, and an even more incredible set of abs giving him a powerful yet lean look with his dense and compact muscles. Not overly bulging in muscles

If ever seen without clothes, which is always dependent, then one would be greeted by a continuation of his highly defined yet lean muscular form, and a gracious and well endowed gift, though not monstrous, for anyone that would seek his company. It too was also adorned with a piercing or two.

I'm tell friendly!

Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Elf