This dragon has a serpentine body with a thin tail and neck. Its fine, translucent scales are the color of fine jade. He has short, muscular limbs with three digits on each foot. It has large, elegant wings running from its shoulders to its hips.. Two enormous horns sit atop its head, between them a ragged, membranous crest runs from the base of its skull to its shoulders. His mouth that takes up most of its face with a prounounced overbite and huge teeth. It has slitted eyes that are the color of the green. Graceful wings grow starting from just above its shoulders and end at the middle of its back. The wings are bat-like, the skin of the wings seems to glow as if made from fire itself and sharp, spiky scales cover the top of each visible bone.


(( Friendly to tells.

Green: mainly size difference ,Master / Slave ,being  dominant, fine with mostly anything, sizeplay, Cock / Balls Worship , BDSM, multiple smaller partners

Yellow: Same size sex

Red: penetrated in my ass

Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Uknown