Amun Ahken'het

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((Bio Updated June-22-2022. ))

Name: Amun Ahken'het
Nicknames/Aliases: Melloch, Melly
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 245 lbs
Skin: Chocolate Brown
Hair: Black
Eyes: Hazel Brown
Age: Looks around 30-34 years old
Race: Appears Human (Aasimar)
Ethnicity: Mulan (Chultan blood as well)
Homeland: Mulhorand, the city of Skuld
- Joselyn Ahken'het (wife)
- Iaha'i Ssin'urn Ahken'het (Half Drow, Daughter)
- Malik Ayaan Ahken'het (Human (Aasimar?), Son)
- Gemma (slave)
Deity: Bast (Sharess)

-Owner of The Gilded Shackle, a BDSM House
-Member of the Golden Sands Designs, a merchant house operating out of Skuld in Mulhorand operated by the Ahken'het family. The house deals in fashion design, holds vineyards, interior design, and other small business pursuits.


-=-[ Hair ]-=-
Dark, thick hair is braided and over time has tangled into dreadlocks that hang heavily from this man's head. Though the tangled locks look chaotic in appearance, they hang orderly about his head as if they were pointedly styled in such a manner. The scent of the man's exotic oils is present which leads to the assumption that the oil is used there as well.

Most that know of the Mulan would know that it is typical of their males to shave their heads bald. Why Amun goes against this tradition is a tale for him to tell.

-=-[ Face ]-=-
Amun's face is mostly symmetrical in appearance with a square shape that's slightly tapered heart-shaped. A strong jaw, full lips, and somewhat wide nose are the prominent features of his face. His jaws, chin, and above his upper lip are covered in a short, shadow of a beard that has replaced the smoother look though bears the appearance of being tamed and orderly.

-=-[ Eyes ]-=-
Attentive and expressive hazel brown eyes watch the man's surroundings with obvious curiosity though at times his inquisitive gaze is glazed over as if seeing things not fully there. Despite his youthful look, one insightful stare into his eyes would likely give one the sense that the man is much older than his outward appearance would suggest and a bit of their luster has faded with time and trials. Brows of medium thickness nestle over the man's eyes and are as expressive of a feature as the rest of his face.

-=-[ Physique ]-=-
While Amun is tall, standing at six feet and five inches, the man's overall physique is not musclebound. He is mostly toned with a broad, well-defined chest and well-defined abs as he's become regularly active once more.

-=-[ Unusual Features ]-=-
Unusual Warmth - Anyone that has been close to Amun will attest that the man is warmer than one would expect of a normal human and the level of warmth waxes and wanes based upon his mood. He gives no true explanations to most beyond usually cheeky remarks.

-=-[ Scent ]-=-
One that would impose themselves upon his personal space would catch the blended scents of cinnamon bark, sandalwood, and sage that lingers about him. This is obviously not a natural scent so it is apparent that he takes time to groom himself.

-=-[ Disposition ]-=-
His calm, carefree behavior might, at times, hide his propensity for being a dominant male. This behavior carries over in how he generally deals with people, be they acquaintances, enemies, lovers, or pets. As he has aged, this behavior has become more pronounced and it is a rare sight indeed to see the man in an angered state.

-=-[ Attire ]-=-
Regardless of what attire he wraps his form in, it infallibly has the appearance of being made of high quality, luxurious fabrics with an overwhelmingly strong preference towards silks, tight and soft leather, and elegant suede. It is obvious he takes pride in his appearance.

Currently Looking For:
- Nothing in particular.

-=-{ Redlights }-=-
-Sexual acts with non-cis female-identifying characters.
-ERP with characters that look like children (anime chibi portraits included)
-Non-story-driven perma-death
-Mary Sue/Marty Stu
-'Hidden Alts' of people I've rejected RP with. If I've said I don't want to RP with you, the player, you making a new character won't change this.
-Romance- If Amun shows interest in your character, you can be fairly assured that romance is not his goal.
-Impregnation (Amun will only impregnate Joselyn and has taken precautions to ensure this.)

-I go afk a LOT. I try to avoid it in the middle of RP but sometimes it happens, especially during US daytime hours.

-Mind your own RP. Don't go sticking your nose into what's none of your business. If you're bored, go out and fix yourself.

Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human