Age: Looks to be 20 at most, likely around 18
Height: 5'2
Eyes: A shiny red
Sex: Male (femboy/trap)
Role: Can switch, but usually bottom/power-bottom
Skin: Pale, unblemished.  Those who are very observant might detect a hint of tiny silver scales here and there along arms, shoulders, and neck

//If anyone would enjoy playing a member of Anaval's family, send tells and we can talk.

Important Jewelry: Now seen wearing a single gray band with a small diamond around his right ring finger.  If seen in close proximity to Xion Kiar'a, the gray of the band would look identical to her skin tone.

What at first glance might look like a slim, mostly flat-chested young woman is in fact a petite half-elven man, though the slightly higher than average voice isn't the best indicator.  The little bulge in the front of the tight pants he's most likely wearing might do just that though.

He's becoming more comfortable in his new surroundings, as well as more confident in who he is.  He moves with a measure of grace, and going by
the jiggle in his cheeks he'd be perfectly suited to a pair of leggings reading "JUICY" across the butt.

Possessing a bit of a stutter when surprised or nervous, it does fade the more comfortable he gets.  In fact, these days, it's more likely to not be noticeable unless he gets embarrassed.  Kind, trusting, and not always the best decision-maker, come say hi (and maybe a few other choice words too).

//Friendly to tells, OOC setups that you might want to run by me... the worst I might say is no thanks or I'm busy

//Potential interested long-term set-ups (without compromising lights):  Making porn, incest (he knows none of his elven relatives, and few of his human ones), possibly prostitution

Dominant females/herms/shemales/futas, bondage, size difference, tall women, messy sex, anal, pegging, etc. (you probably get the picture),  Milfs, Gilfs, experienced older women in general taking control, mommy dom, little doms, big doms, cum-play/swapping, cream pies, dressing him up in cute outfits, long-term relationships

Yellows: Permanent changes (discuss OOC, don't try to force any.  If you do, don't expect any to stick long, as he likes who he is and being changed involuntarily won't go unreversed)

Reds: Men in ERP, server rules, watersports, scat, death, pain play, torture, PVP (you can RP overpowering him most likely, there's really not a need to bring mechanics into it), beastiality, urethral insertions, monogamy
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Half-Elf